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We create the best possible acoustic environment in indoor and outdoor conditions, including halls and studios, with effective noise control.

Home Theatre Acoustic Kerala
There is a beauty attached to sound. It is that beauty makes us good listeners. We all love to please our ears with this beautiful experience sound offers by attending musical programs, listening to songs, and many more. Unfortunately, we don't get to experience quality sound because of the disturbances in the environment. It is where we have Auditorium Acoustics Kerala to solve this big problem. Acoustics controls the production, transmission, and reception of sound in an atmosphere to produce a magical listening experience. DSV Innovations is Home Theatre Acoustic Kerala has expert acoustic engineers who can turn any halls or studios into a soothing sound production factory.
We create the best possible environment in indoor and outdoor conditions, including halls and studios, helping musician and speakers channel their voice right to the ear of every listener with superb sound quality. Our team studies the ceiling, walls, floor, windows, and doors of the hall and studios to design a viable soundproof environment. Then Auditorium Acoustics Kerala, we install the acoustic soundproof panels in the ceiling, floors, doors, and windows to help effective noise control. Join with our happy hall and studio acoustics customers.

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Sound System Kerala

DSV Innovations delivers professional sound reinforcement services to help you communicate the power of amplified sound experience to your audience. Whether you run an Auditorium, place of worship, live programs, club, bar lounge, we have your sound system covered for you.

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Studio Acoustics Kerala

We specialize in designing residential home theaters and commercial media rooms for producing an immersive experience. We use High Definition Video Output combined with best in class Dolby Digital or DTS Surround System manageable through an automatic control system.

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Speakers Kerala

DSV Innovations helps implement sound solutions for shopping malls and commercial buildings to set up a voice security alarm system and a public address system for announcements and background music in suitable sound zones. Our indoor and outdoor LED wall system help to reach mobile audiences with information and advertisement.

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